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"In my paintings I play with the simulation of homo-erotic and cliché imagery. The figurative scenes vary from portraits to landscapes and are derived from glossy magazines and pornography, though their hypersexual or commercial aims are negated into images of absence.

Before ever knowing real same-sex intimacy, I saw simulated images of it online. My eyes often wandered to the periphery of those images: the interior decorations, the beckoning landscapes in the paintings on the wall, the lush wallpapers. All these embellishments speak to a desire to reïntegrate into nature, into our bodies, yet withhold us from doing exactly that."



  • 2022 Traditi0en2, Hinterconti, Hamburg, Germany (group) 5/11 - 13/11

  • 2023 MAN, Cultureel Centrum Spectrum, Schijndel (group)

  • 2023 Life Potential, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (group - co-curated with Ersin Eken)


  • 2022 Queer Ontology, Willem Twee Kunstruimte, 'S Hertogenbosch (duo with Leo Maher)

  • 2021 Garden of Earthly Delights, Drift, Breda (group)

  • 2020 Synthetic Soft, Projectspace Lokaal, Utrecht (duo with Ersin Eken)

  • 2020 It’s Better to Rot Than to Fade Away, Porjectspace Lokaal, Utrecht (group)

  • 2019 Buying Time (De Belofte 14), Kunstliefde, Utrecht (group)

  • 2019 Screening, Moira, Utrecht (group)

  • 2018 De Roze Sokkel, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg (group)

  • 2018 Fresh Cacao, Cacaofabriek, Helmond (group)

  • 2018 HKU Graduation Show, Pastoe Fabriek, Utrecht (group)

  • 2017 RCT Rain, TUUB, Utrecht (solo)

  • 2017 Inside Empty, TUUB, Utrecht (duo with Ersin Eken)

  • 2017 Neighbourhood, Hooghiemstraplein 51, Utrecht (group)

  • 2014 Atelier Rozenstraat, Atelier Rozenstraat, Tilburg (group)

  • 2014 SAGE BLUSH, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg (group)


(BA) Fontys School of Fine Arts, Education in Visual Arts and Design, 2015

(BA) HKU, Fine Arts, 2018